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Version 1.1 API Documentation

Status Code list

Status Codes
  • The list of Status codes and their descriptions so that you can build your app to handle these exceptions.


If you need to disable sessions temporarily then in the MobileConfig.php Then
set debug sessions =1, now for any call that requires a session id (sid), just pass nosession=1 edit
$debug_sessions = 1 

you will also need to pass uid=#. # being whatever your user id or another persons user id is so you can mimic that users session.

Sample: Mobile/projects/get?nosession=1&uid=1

I set it up this way so that you could then go back to using sessions by not calling nosession=1 so you can work on the sessions per api call.

If for any reason any of the apis are blank or appear to have an issue set debug =1 ,
 $debug =1 

and then for whichever api call is having the issue just add &debug=1 to show the debug information.

API Calls

  • This is the validate call, you generally call this from your app to verify that the site you are hitting is compatible for the mobile app. I have been debating adding a Version to this so that you can have your app do version checks, and hope anyone who alters the code and puts it up changes it.

  • After looking at the adminstrator page for projects, the only thing different between administration of a project and project branch below is the ability to add user's to a project. So that is the only thing I have added here. Use the project branch for everything else project related.
Note: It is possible that in the future I will move this to the project branch

  • Logs in the user that is passed. Returns a sessionid that you will need to store.

  • Logs the user out, and destroys the session.

  • Add a new project

  • deletes a project

  • edits a project

  • Retrieve projects

  • Open a project

  • Close a project

  • Add a new milestone

  • Deletes a milestone

  • Edits a milestone

  • Get milestones

  • Opens a milestone

  • Closes a milestone

  • Adds a new tasklist

  • Deletes a tasklist

  • Edits a tasklist

  • Get tasklists

  • Opens a tasklist

  • Close a tasklist

  • Adds a new task

  • Deletes a task

  • Edits a task

  • Get tasks

  • Opens a task

  • Closes a task

  • Get permissions for a specific role

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