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The Collabtive API allows people to build mobile applications for collabtive sites. You can then create, edit, and delete projects, tasks, tasklists and more from the API all from your mobile app. I have always loved the collabtive project tool but hated that i had to use the url to use it, and honestly wanted it be more app friendly with possibly a notification system in the future.


  1. Download the version of your choice.
  2. Copy the Mobile folder into your Collabtive primary directory.

Yes it is that easy.

Source Style

So if you look at the Source Code you will notice folders, (Branches, Dev, and Versions) ignore trunk, those folders are used for organizing the layout of things, so I dont recommend just downloading everything, unless you really want to. Use SVN to just download the folder of your choice.
  • Branch
As this is released people will probably modify and make their own additions, I will put those specific versions in this Branch folder so we can all have a nice place for it. Will also have a release for it, But I will only make it a release after it has been verified by 3 people, just for safety.
  • Dev
This is the main code that as I make revisions and updates to the code that I will push up, but not necessarily ready for release, use at your own risk. (Think of it as your Beta/Alpha area).
  • Versions
Once the Dev folder has reached its new version and is working properly I will tag it with a version and it put in the Versions folder and make a release for you to download.


  • Debuging
    • I have added a feature to see session info, and all php errors if any.
  • Sessions
    • I have added a way to bypass the session manager to test api calls without needing a session id passed.

I Recommend setting debug, and sessiondebug to false when your ready to make your api collabtive live to ensure that no one screws up your collabtive site by playing with url rewriting

I am having an issue!

If your having an issue please use the Issue Tracker or tweet me directly at @EtherealEnt on Twitter. Twitter is probably the best way to get my attention.

API Documentation

It is all well and fine for me to say it has all these capabilities but how do you use them? inputs, outputs? Well here you go, here is the full API documentation.

Note: I am debating removing the redundant names, for instance changing /tasks/getTasks to -> /tasks/get

I Have made the urls shorter, just using add, edit, del, and get after each branch

API Documentation - Version 1.1

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